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Spirits encounters
on 6/1/2016, 01:03

Hue Bat

Danielle comes from an American family in a small town in Tennessee that has a long history of connection with spirits. As a young child, she has an ability to see ghosts as well as her mother and some other female relatives in her family. Recently Danielle called on me for advice relating to mysterious events she did not quite understand. She told me the following:

At age of Seven:
Danielle and her family lived in the mountains. Every night her mom and her would heard a woman screaming at the top of her lungs outside their home. Her mom would shine the flash light from the porch but never saw anyone.

At Eleven:
One day her dad sent her downstairs to the lawndry room to get his shoes. In order to get into the closet to pick up her dad's shoes she had to close one door (that was next to the closet door). She closed it half way and opened the closet door. When she went inside the closet, the door suddenly slammed shut and she could not open it. She screamed and banged on the door for help. Her mom and dad had to work hard to get the door opened. They noticed huge dents around the door knob of both doors.

At Fifteen:
Danielle and her younger’ sister were sleeping in the same bed, suddenly they both felt that the bed was sinking. Some invisible hand was grabbing and pulling them down and her sister was clutching Danielle's shirt. They both called out for help. Their mom came in and when she turned on the light, they were released.

At Seventeen:
Danielle had been a victim of a violent crime and ended up in the hospital. The doctor told her mom that she would be a vegetable if she lived. Danielle's eyes was closed yet she could see all the visitors. She remembers looking up at a man who was reading the Bible and a woman who wished for her safety and salvation. That man kept his hand hovering over her forehead. When she recovered and went back home with her mom, she told her mom about all the visitors that came to see her, and about the girl (who had passed away) in the hospital room next to her. Her mom was surprised that Danielle knew all the details of the conversations while being unconscious the whole time.

At Twenty:
When Anthony my son, visited Danielle in her hometown in Tennessee, he witnessed her porcelain dolls playing music on their own and things falling and breaking by themselves while no one was around. That was when Anthony told Danielle to contact me to learn about the phenomenon she has been seeing. Daniell had sought help from her Pastor at the church but got no answer. They called her the Devil because of her encouters with unknown spirits.

Recent Events:
Danielle began to get scare as she continued to have more encounters with the spirit who seeemed to be more aggressive towards her she saw the shadow of a man and heard voices.
I talked to Master Trieu Phuoc who advised me to baptize (Initiation into the spiritual path) Danielle. I did so over the phone and gave her the Five Essentials Dharanis to practice her meditation with it. She was sitting on the floor and as she started to pray the Dharanis, she felt a warm sensation and a force pushing her head down to the floor in a bowing gesture. She also felt calm and peaceful. After that things has become quiet, Danielle's life has returned to normal.
Later, some of her friends heard about Danielle's experiences with the spirit and came over to challenge the spirit to appear to them. While they were talking asking the spirit to show himself, they heard knockings on the door twelve times while it opened and closed by itself. The lighed candle was blown off, the light bulb in the hallway shattered and two other lights burned out.
Danielle got scared and called Anthony. Over the phone they both heard a loud high pitched screaming of a woman.
Then the phone was cut off and Danielle could not turn it back on until noon the next day. Mysterious things continued to happen in the next few days in Danielle's home: lights kepts turning on and off, microwave sparkings with nothing in it, shower turning on by itself... over and over. The phenomenon only stopped when Danielle tearfully apologized to the spirit on behalf of her friends who provoked the spirit with their challenges. Afterward Danielld had a few encounters with other spirits, but she continued to pray the Five Dharanis and no longer saw them.

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The Black Man

on 6/1/2016, 01:04

Hue Bat

The Black Man

Danielle's cousin, Amanda had a three years old boy named Braxton. The boy kept seeing a spirit he called the Black Man, who according to Braxton lived in the woods, right on the edge of the lake nearby his home. Amanda had shown Danielle some creepy dolls the Black Man had left for Braxton. Since then Braxton's started to have bad tempers and throwing things. One time he even pushed his sister down the stairs. Braxton said the Black Man told him to do so.
One night Braxton woke up at the middle of the night and start walking out the house heading to the woods, his parent stopped him in time and asked where he was going to? Again Braxton told them that the Black Man was waiting for him in the woods. One time Braxton disappered from his home. His parents and the police were searching for him the whole night and found him in the woods covered with mud and in deep sleep.

Braxton’s parents took him the see the doctor and they put him on strong sleeping medications. Strangely, Braxton still woke up at midnight and screamed on top of his lungs. His two older sisters then also claimed they both saw the Black Man in the home. The parents had even asked the Pastor to exorcise the Black Man but strange thing still happened to Braxton.

While Danielle visited Amanda and Braxton, Braxton told her that the Blackman was in there, that the latter pointed at Danielle and Amanda, telling Braxton he did not want them to stay in his house. Danielle could feel his presence as she stood next to Braxton.

Danielle asked me what she can do to help Braxton. I told her she needed to talk to Braxton's parents because it was not her place nor did she have any authority to interfere besides telling her cousins to pray to God. I explained to her that the spirit, Black Man, has some message or teaching for Amanda's family that we do not know. Danielle told Braxton to pray with her and chanting “the Five Dharanis.”. Things seemed to be quiet until the Pastor visited Braxton and cursed Danielle for teaching evil to Braxton. They got into an argument and Danielle left. Since then she has not talked to her cousins and did not know about Braxton's condition.

As to Danielle, she has been praying and chanting the Five Dharanis and feeling more at ease, and not fearful of spirits. She recently gave birth to a baby boy. Once she saw a spirit hovering around her baby as if to get to khow him. 
Danielled has a violent and abusive stepfather. She often cried when she had a fight with him. Since having the holy force, it comforted her and calmed her down when she was so disturbed. At the last confrontation, her step father wanted to attack her. Danielle, with her baby in her left arm, felt a hand on her right shoulder and using her right arm she pushed her stepfather back with such a strong force that knocked him down to the ground. He was so shocked and ran away from her. Danielle was also surprised that she was able to fend him off because he is a big man (like a football player).

This testimonial seems like it was coming from a horror movie, but all the events that happened to Danielle B during the last six months in Tennessee was told to me by Danielle B herself.
Dung Nguyen.

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