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Hue Bat

I would like to take this opportunity to deeply appreciate the teachings I have received from Old Guru and share the Secret Buddhism initiation experience I have.

I came to USA in 1984 as a foreign student. Before that, I was born and raised in Taiwan. My family’s religious background was traditional Taiwanese mixture of Buddhism and Taoism. My mother was a sincere believer of religion. I enjoyed going to the temples to worship all sorts of Buddha and Taoism Deities with her at my younger age.

My grandfather passed away at age 92 during my college sophomore year. My family had invited monks to the house to recite the sutra in hopes to raise the soul from suffering in the next world. The family members had to recite the sutra with the monks. I attended several sessions and from there I got interested in the sutras. I started to read sutras by myself and believed in the karma and incarnation doctrines and had a firm belief only with Buddha’s help can one achieve enlightenment and get protected in this life.

Life wasn’t easy for a new comer to USA. The reliance on the religion help and the urge to seek for a master to learn had become stronger. I started to pay attention to the San Francisco Bay Area Buddhism activities. I learned Venerable Master Hsuan Hua (1918-1995, founder of The Thousand Buddha Monastery in Ukiah, CA) had regular class in Chinatown. With a lot of excitement and expectation, I went to his lecture.

After two hours, Master Hsuan Hua taught a paragraph of sutra with great depth and insight. I went ahead to ask him how I could learn more Buddhism. He told me I needed to continue to attend his lecture. I thought about 84,000 ways to lead to enlightenment. I had great respect for Master Husan Hua, but maybe this was not the way for me.

Later, I continued to follow the local Buddhism, but just felt I would encounter the same way. One day, my roommate bought a Chinese newspaper. I reviewed it quickly and found an interesting small advertisement which said anyone could experience the spiritual supernatural power through the Secret Buddhism by contacting the advertiser for more details. I went ahead to write a letter to him and ask for the “way”. Few days later, he sent back a picture of Buddhas with a yantra on the back and instructions.

At night, I followed the instruction to prepare a cup of water and recite the name of Kuan Shi Yin Bodhisattva (Avalokitesvara, in fact, any deity of your choice) three times and drank the water. I kept reciting the name of Kuan Shi Yin and few minutes later, I started feeling warm and there was a force to push my right hand to tap my left arm, to push my left hand to tap my right arm, and then to make me clap my two hands for a welcome gesture. It was such an emotional moment as I was so touched. The warm home feeling just flowed all over my thought. I kept reciting and I had more force experience. I was so happy and couldn’t sleep till 5:00am the following morning.

I phoned the advertiser and told him I went through the initiation ritual on my own and got the force. I called him almost every day and asked a lot of questions. Several questions seemed to go beyond his ability to answer and finally he admitted he was one of Old Guru’s disciples and he would introduce me to Old Guru.

Over 20 years, I continue to practice Secret Buddhism under Old Guru and with his authorization I have been able to initiate people of different faith, different race at different places (in the car, at the hotel lobby, just name a few).

Through initiation, friends and I share the wonderful supernatural experiences that prove the existence of God, Buddhas and the Holy Spirits.

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