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Books From Secret Buddhism
on 27/11/2014, 23:32


The Quintessence of Esoteric Buddhism
Other Titles: Mật tông Phật giáo tinh hoa yếu lược

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By practicing the Six Perfections: Charity, Morality, Endurance, Patience, Meditation and Awareness, the individual will gradually achieve the two goals of Secret Buddhism. They are:

(1) enlightenment on the tangible truths of the material world and the hidden truths of the universe, and
(2) gaining practical benefits of health, wealth, and power in this lifetime.
The effectiveness of the Secret practice is a challenge to anyone still in doubt of the existence of God and sacred beings. We invite anyone who wants to experiment with the Secret and religious sciences to briefly read this Secret Buddhism Sutra.

The ceremony of 'Initiation into the Secret Doctrine’ or the transmission of the 'Mind Seal' will let you experience the spiritual supernatural force within half an hour at no charge.

I would like to extend my appreciation to friends in Secret Buddhism that have provided me favorable conditions to practice this religion in the past three years in the United States, Canada and eventually in other countries in the future.

Author: Trieu Phuoc
Religious name: Duc Quy

The Nomination Of The Gods
Other Titles: Phong thà̂n và huyè̂n bí học, Feng shen yan yi.

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We would like to introduce to our members in MatGiao the book entitled The Nomination of the Gods & Mysticism written by Scholar Duc-Qui. It contains commentaries on the mystical and religious themes found in the Chinese classic epic "The Nomination of the Gods" as well as explanations on the mystical and metaphysical principles concerning the operation of Heaven laws by Great Spirits. They were drawn from his personal encounters with events dealing with miracles, possessions, charms and spells... The book also has articles on the religious doctrines of Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity and Confucianism. The content in this book was published in Matgiao Magazine Issue No.3, 1985 to No.17, 1986. The editing group, Spring 1986
Letter from the editor:
The Vietnamese publication of "The Nomination of the Gods & Mysticism" has been reprinted without any corrections to the original manuscript. We do regconize the many errors in punctuations, and other details, however, we want to preserve the original text as is. We would like the readers to overlook the form and to focus more on the essence of the ideas.
Thus, the english translation also does not adhere to the strictest rules of grammar and style.

June 6, 2005
Matgiao Friendship Association
California, USA

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