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Hue Bat

Homage to the Dharmakaya Body of MahaVairocana Buddha,
Homage to the Assembly of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas in the Ten directions,
Homage to the Esoteric Masters, the teachers of our Esoteric Lineage, To and Thay!
Greetings to Dharma Brothers!

I'm a young Western Zen Priest living in Europe. I work and have a family and son, and share the Dharma trough a small Zen Community. I have wonderful Zen Teachers and even Tantric masters, but when I encountered the the "Quintessence of Esoteric Buddhism" book I felt a very particular link to the Dharma of Esoteric Buddhism as transmitted by Thay and To. As Zhunti Buddha Dharani was one of my main spiritual practices, I felt a deep karmic link with the 5 Essential Dharanis and wanted to be initiated in the Esoteric Buddhism trough the initiation given by Mat Giao Friendship Association.

In order to share the experiences I had during initiation and receiving the Celestial Scroll representing the 5 Dhyanis Buddhas and the 5 Armies of Celestial Beings, I will share the messages I originally sent to Master Mai without any changes.

I first contacted Master Mai to receive the initiation in Esoteric Buddhism shortly after my first reading of the "Quintessence" book in 2012, here is the report:
"I've been able to perform the self-initiation ritual yesterday night.

I copied the yantra and placed it on my home altar.
I took refuge, bowed and sincerely asked to be initiated in the Dharma
Lineage of Secret Buddhism.

Then, I chanted the "Namo Amitofo" for about 15 minutes, at a certain
point I felt that I just had to sit quietly and my mind was very open
and clear. It was not a tremenduous experience per se.

But I received varied initiations in Vajrayana and, even if I'm a
young priest, I studied extensively since my adolescence, so I was not
waiting for angels and myriads of supernatural powers... Being a Chan
priest, our point is to realize our True Buddha Mind and help people
to realize it too.

So, I can say that it was a very esoteric experience in a sense,
because my mind was very wide and clear, my body and mind in Harmony
and my Mind in total union with all the Buddhas!"

Master Mai told me that it wasn't that evident to receive a True Initiation trough self-initiation and advised me to recite 10 000 the 5 Essential Dharanis, and then to re-try the initiation process at the feet of the Buddhas.

I'll share with all Dharma friends my second initiation, I did about one year later, in a next topic.

Wishing all beings to Receive the Dharmic Grace of all the Buddhas!

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Hue Bat

Homage to the Dharmakaya Body of MahaVairocana!
Homage to the Assembly of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas in the Ten Directions!
Homage to the Masters of Esoteric Buddhism, to our Dear Master To and Thay!
Greetings to all my Dharma brothers,

My first try to receive the initiation in Esoteric Buddhism in 2012 didn't succeed, thus Master Mai advised me to recite 10 000 recitations of the 5 Essential Dharanis and try to re-initiate to the Mysteries after that spiritual practice.
I re-contacted Master Mai after almost one year. During this time, on the side of my work, family life and Zen community practice, I practiced the 5 Essential Dharanis with utmost sincerity 50 000 times. After this small spiritual work, I did the initiation ritual and received the Buddhas Force in a strange manner, to me, and shared the experience with Master Mai through email.
Here I share the message I sent to Master Mai after the Ceremony:
"This humble student contacted you one year ago. I did the initiation and didn't felt so much thing, so you advised me to repeat the mantra for 10000 times and to reinitiate myself. I'm just writing you this short email to indicate that after having repeated the mantra for more than 50 000 times, I did the initiation again, last night, and felt a great white and warm presence just up my head. I felt like that for more an hour, gradually felling it entering from my crown to my heart! What a wonderful experience, Thank you so much, be sure I'll continue to practice and share the practice with others. I just can't too openly do so because, being a young western buddhist priest, most western people see these practice as superstitions... but I try privately to express them the richness and beauty of the esoteric vehicle."
Since then I practiced everyday the recitation of the 5 Essential Dharanis, holding the mudra of Zhunti Buddha during formal sessions, and in my day to day life simply reciting in all positions. I'm a devoted Zen practitioner which practices sincerely Amitabha recitation in everyday life, whishing to reborn in the PureLand. And the daily practice of the 5 Essential Dharanis Dharma of our Esoteric Buddhist School has been a wonderful help in my personal spiritual practice, with the kind advices of the Masters of our Esoteric Buddhist School.
I'll share my first experience in receiving the Celestial Scroll in a next topic.
May all being attain Enlightenment in this very life!

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