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Hue Bat

Your disciple, Thanhson bow down to To, Thay
While I was chanting Om mani pad me hum and Hrit mantra, I heard a loud but low-pitched voice “Welcome to my realm”. I had my eyes closed at the time and suddenly I had a vision of myself and I was transformed into a spark of light like a tiny but bright pearl then flying straight into the mouth of a gigantic Kwan Shi Yin Bodhisattva whose body was emitting white dazzling lights that enveloped all the surroundings.
I opened my eyes but blinded by the lights I closed my eyes again for a while. Then when I opened my eyes I saw myself like an ant standing on the enormous Kwan shi Yin Bodhisattva's palm and walking back and forth without being able to reach the edge of her hand. Finally, the bodhisattva lowered her hand to help me step down and I bowed to her.
Then I saw another Buddha with golden body emitting yellowish and fiery red. I was made aware that He was Amitabbha Buddha.
Respectfully submitted,
Thanh Sơn

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