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Hue Bat

Sent by Thanhson
My respects to Grandmaster and Master,
Greetings to all Dharma brothers and sisters,
Today, I had a meeting with K and her daughter, at my office. When we were done with work, I talked to K about the Initiation rite, asking her about her religion. She said she has a Buddhist altar, and she often visits the pagodas on the first and the fifteen of the lunar calendar but denied being a Buddhist.
I instructed her to join her hands in front of her forehead and recite the name of Kwan Shi Yin Bodhisattva. After a few minutes, she reported seeing a Buddha sitting on the lotus throne with something in the hand she could not see clearly, emitting elliptical beams of sparkling lights She felt light and peaceful and she kept on talking about those sparkling lights.
Seeing the divine acknowledgment for her mother, C also wanted to receive the initiation. She recited "Namo Kwan Shi Yin Bodhisattva" and after a few minutes, told me that she felt very warm, relaxed and she saw lights glowing in front of her eyes while they were closed.
I gave them the Five Essential Dharanis for their spiritual cultivation.

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