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Autism miraculous healing
on 9/12/2014, 13:04

Hue Bat

Sent by muadongh2 on Wed Oct 03, 2012; translated by Ngocxuan; edited by Horangi

My son was born on the 14th February 2009 and is now 3 ½ years old. Seeing him people can’t help noticing that he is very cute, clever, a mischievous but lovable child. But no-one knows that from the day he was born until recently (when I received the initiation) he has had to endure serious illnesses and dangerous events in order to live a normal life.

It was the summer of 2008; I was 5 weeks pregnant and having abdominal pains. At the hospital the doctors concluded there my pregnancy has become unstable and threatened miscarriage. Therefore I had to be hospitalized for over a month. I was very worried, wondering whether my baby would survive, having no fetal heart beat. After one week stay in the hospital, a strong fetal heartbeat at 120 bpm was detected. I and my husband cried tears of joy as my baby would have a better chance of surviving.
It was 32 weeks into the pregnancy when once again I had severe abdominal pain. My family took me to the hospital and doctors said I might have to give birth prematurely. I was very scared; tears kept running down my cheeks, my body connected to medical devices measuring blood pressure, fetal heart rate, uterine contractions etc… Intravenous drips were attached to my arms and my body was swollen due to too much IV. When I reached my 35th week, my condition stabilized and I was allowed home again.

Those were the two most stressful events of my pregnancy. Thanks to the blessings of my ancestors, I gave birth to my son 4 days after the due date and my family was overjoyed.
I thought everything would be fine once my son was born but I never imagined that raising him was such a hardship. In his first few months he suffered dysentery for almost a month, at age 1 he contracted Rota virus, not to mention having bronchospasms with weather changes and receiving many injections which left him exhausted, and his skin became green as a leaf. The saddest thing of all, besides all other events that happened to him, was that we discovered our son had autism.

Those families who have had a similar experience would understand how we felt at that point. We watched, depressed and disappointed at our pitiful little boy, wondering what he would become when he grew up. We did not mind the hardships of bringing him up but what lies ahead for him as well as for the both of us. We put all effort and money to get treatments for him.
When he reached 3 years of age, he was still not able to say any words, only incomprehensible sounds even though we had hired many autism specialists to come over to train and treat him.

But one thing was amazing. Every time the teacher came over, my son, who normally did not talk, would suddenly address her clearly: Teacher, go home”. We were all astonished and unable to have any explanation for this phenomenon.
The day I came to see brother Thachanhtrang (TAT) for my Initiation ceremony, I brought my son with me in the slight hope of some miraculous intervention on his behalf. When he saw TAT, he started talking a lot, but only vowels sounds, and gesticulating with his arms and legs. Brother TAT was sitting and quietly observing him.

After explaining to me about the Dharma, what the initiation rite entailed including how one should observe the Five precepts and diligently chant the Five Essential Dharanis following the divinities’ acceptance, manifested through the holy force, brother TAT then told me the mysteries about my son. He said that my son was actually possessed by souls of the dead and that his actions and utterances were not random vocalizations, they were rather his communications with those spirits.

Brother TAT also said that whether he would become normal or not depended on the Divinities and his fate and since the boy could not talk he could not give him the initiation. The only way was for me and my husband to receive the initiation ceremony, and diligently practiced once we received the Dharanis. Children could either be blessings or disaster for the parents. If the parents received divine help, their children would also be helped.

I listened to his advice and once I received the Sacred Seal from the Initiation ceremony I have been attentive and devoted in my religious practice.

A special event occurred during my Initiation. While I was kneeling with my palms joined in front of my forehead, and praying to Buddha, my son came running toward me, knelt down and prostrated himself before me, bowing down and repeating exactly what brother TAT had just instructed me: I respectfully bow down to the Creator, I respectfully bow down to the Buddha in the Ten Directions, I respectfully bow down to Grand Master Trieu Phuoc.

Surprised I opened my eyes – he was running around and brother TAT told me to let him be. I closed my eyes again. Some time later he again came close to me, knelt down facing me and joining his hands to his forehead he said: “Mummy” five times. I was deeply moved.

Brother TAT explained that the Divinities also accepted my son, and there was every hope of him being helped to become a normal person in time.

For the next 2 weeks, I recited the Dharanis daily and every time I rocked my son to sleep.
By this time he was able to say a few words like rice, porridge, water etc… I was so happy and full of hope.

The day brothet TAT came to my home to give the initiation rite to my husband, my son also ran and knelt down next to his dad. And when brother TAT taught my husband the Five Dharanis, my son, on his own, repeated the Dharanis after his dad. Brother TAT instructed us to encourage our son to recite the dharanis if he could do so.
In the second month that followed, my son could speak almost normally.
Those who knew him before, always asked me why he had changed so fast after each time they saw him.

At those moments I felt very happy and just answered with a smile, while silently thanked the Divinities, Master and Teacher as well as brother TAT. I became more devoted practicing the Five Dharanis. Until now, my son is almost normal like any other lovable kids.
I realize that this was the most miraculous thing the Divinities have bestowed upon me and my family right when we were accepted into the Secret Teachings School.

I respectfully ask for further guidance from Master, Teacher, seniors brothers and sisters on my spiritual path.

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