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Hue Bat

From Dieuchi's Diary by DieuChi on Mon Nov 01, 2010 8:38 pm. Translated by Horangi

My respect to Grandmaster and master (Tổ, Thầy)

Dear friends,
I would like to report to "To, Thay": Last night (October 30, 2010) I initiated Mrs. Ha, 37 years old, living in Long Xuyen province by praying in the name of Kwan Yin Bodhisattva. After 10 minutes of chanting, Ha appeared as if she was stunned, she just sat there motionless for a while then she told me that as soon as she started to chant the Buddha's name she saw a standing image of Kwan Yin Bodhisattva. Meanwhile her body felt very light.
Then she gave the following account of her life:
Ten years ago, in her dream she saw herself being dead and people carried her body up the mountain. On top of the mountain was an old man with long white hair and beard, he smiled to her and said: "It's alright, your time hasn't come yet, go home then."
In the morning, she told her mother about the dream. By the evening after swallowing a mouthful of noodles, she suddenly fainted, her limbs went flaccid and her face turned as white as a corpse. She was not able to move or talk but still aware of her surroundings.
At the emergency hospital, the doctor diagnosed her of having an ectopic pregnancy that required immediate operation. When she heard it she knew the doctor was wrong because she had not been with her husband for a long time. She was afraid that such operation would kill her. But her family went along with the Doctor's advice, they took her to another better equipped hospital in An Giang province for the operation. Luckily, the doctor there gave her a more thorough examination and found out that she was not pregnant at all, however the cause of her illness was still not known. So, after three days of medications, she was pronounced dead while she was fully conscious, she just could not talk or move.
Her family took her home and continued to care for her. Her Fourth uncle had managed to give her some inexpensive medicine (wrapped in a packet) and she recovered. But she was still weak and had frequent diarrhea. Her uncle told her to go up the mountain with him, she went with him but with great effort and dragging her feet. However when she came to the bottom of the mountain she was suddenly energized and walked briskly like she had never been ill at all.
And so, she realized the dream she had of going up to the mountain had come true.

About Fourth Uncle-
Before 1975, he served as a nurse in the American Army. Once he was pronounced dead but was revived. After that he cultivated spiritually and developed healing power that allow him to help many sick people. For the past 30 years he have been always conscientious and devoted in his work, adhering to the principle of helping people by using inexpensive medicine, and charging very little for his service. That's why up until now the Spirits continued to help him in his endeavor. People at Cho Moi trusted him very much.
He was 41 years old when he had the 'near death experience', during which his soul went to a certain place and someone got a chair for him to sit down, he was told to go back to earth to treat people in order to gain some merits for himself, and that he was destined to die at 60 years old. He was told some other things but was forbidden to tell anyone.
When he came back to life, he did not tell anyone what he had seen and heard, but wrote them down in a notebook which he kept hidden. Later, his grandchildren knew about them when they inadvertently discovered his journal and read it.
When he reached 60, he was calmly waiting for the Spirits to take him to the other world. However, no one came for him and he continued to live until now. He is over 70 years old, and according to Ha, he is still in excellent health and looking good.

Premonition dreams
Since her recovery from the strange illness, Ha started to experience premonitory dreams. First, she had a dream about her neighbor, Mr. Ba la, she saw him dead and there was a funeral in his home. In the morning, when she told her mom about it, she was severely scolded: "Why don't you dream of nicer things? It's unlucky to have such dream! People will not like it!" But in the next day, they got news from the neighbor that Mr. Ba la had died in his sleep.
Another time, Ha was awakened by 3 o'clock in the morning. She went back to sleep and by 4:00 am she dreamed of her 2nd uncle (husband of her aunt), telling her: "I already died but none of you guys came to bow down to me yet."
In the morning, her relative announced that 2nd uncle had died during the night. Actually 2nd uncle was chit-chatting and laughing with Ha's family the night right before he was dead.

The most recent premonition happened less than a month ago. It was about her Fifth uncle. At the time, Ha was working far from home. In her dream she saw Fifth uncle lying on his wooden chair and was fatally bitten by a snake. In the morning, her son called and told her exactly what she had seen: fifth uncle was asleep in the wooden chair and bitten by a snake!
By telling me her experiences Ha said she still had goose bumps all over.
Then last 2 weeks, Ha met a co-worker, her name is Van. Van complained that her husband had left her, and he recently called to tell her that he would never come back. That night Ha dreamed that Van's husband returned home, so she told that to Van and described Van's husband as small framed guy (she only saw him in her dream but never knew or heard about him). Van confirmed that Ha's description matched her husband but did not believe that he would return home. But later that day, her husband did come home.

Ha's marriage
Ha was married for over ten years and was terribly frustrated with her husband's infidelity. He left her and his three children for another woman. She was so depressed that she wanted to kill herself many times. Once she threw herself under a big truck but luckily the driver stopped short of running her over; he hurled enough insults at her and brought her back to reality. Another time, while she was taking sleeping pills to end her life, she heard a voice telling her: "I had already said that it is not the time for you to die! You won't die for sure."
She turned to look for the source of the voice but no one was around.
She was taken to the emergency hospital and had her stomach pumped that saved her life.

After her divorce, her spiritual life was better and happier. She seldom went to temples or read Buddhist sutra but had faith in the superior Beings. Whenever she found herself in some difficulties she would say: Nam Mo Kwan Yin Bodhisattva (I take refuge in Kwan Yin Boddhisattva) and her problems would be solved. She never prays to ask for anything else.

After she received the initiation from me, she believed that this religion is truly her destiny. Last year she was on a business trip to Dak Nong, she met some people trying to get her to follow a certain sect of Buddhism. They told her to go with them to a certain place and get a ticket to go to Heaven. She went with them but once she got there she found out it was Muslim and the people gathered there were not true religious people, they appeared to have political motives. She refused to join them.
When talking about her mystical experiences she said she felt them very special.
Before the Initiation, she had been praying to Kwan Yin and received divine help, but this is the first time she prays and has this particular feeling and the vision of Kwan yin Boddhisattva.

I gave Ha the Five Dharanis and showed her the practice of Secret Buddhism.

Respectfully submitted,

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