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My affinity with Secret Buddhism
on 23/12/2014, 00:20

Hue Bat

written and submitted by ngocan on 23/05/2011, 15:23. Translated by Kylin- edited by Xiaobaiyun.

My most sincere respect to Grandmaster, and Master.

When I was reading about cases in which people with heavy karmic debt were possessed by spirits, I remembered the difficult phase I had to go through before I was officially accepted into Secret Buddhism and received teachings from To, Thay (my Grandmaster and Master).

I would like to share the supernatural experiences that happened to me following the rebuilding of my house. Since its completion, I have been feeling that something was not normal in the house. One night, when I was going to bed, I suddenly saw a woman and a man standing at the head of my bed. The woman was smiling, and she slowly walked to my bedside where she sat down. Thinking that I might be hallucinating, I closed my eyes and opened them again. The woman was still there. In a panic I called out to Buddha. The woman moved and stood by the staircase. I suddenly felt weak in my whole body but still managed to reach the staircase and run downstairs. On my run past the woman I felt a stream of very cold air emanating from her.

When I reached the floor (wondering how I did it), I tried to speak, but only some vowel sounds came out. When I regained control of myself I told my family what I had seen up in my room but no one believed me. They thought it was my imagination as they had not seen anything themselves.

Meanwhile, every night I continue to see the woman and the man, which frightened me so much that I could not sleep. I became confused and fuzzy in my head. At my shop I did nothing but sit and cry out of fear.

As a result my life was completely upside down. When I talked to an aunt of mine she took me to a lady fortune teller. I was told that I am being followed by the spirits of 2 women and one man. One of the two women is aggressive and appears frequently because my house was previously hers. The lady fortune-teller said that to pacify them I need to give them offerings on the fourteenth day of the lunar calendar. That way, she said, I wouldn’t see them anymore. As to the man, she said that he will follow me for the rest of my life, as it seems that he has something he wants to tell me. She asked if I wanted to let his spirit possess me so that he can reveal all the reasons behind his apparition, but I panicked and rejected the idea. She then used a burning stick of incense and made the gesture of drawing something may be some magic charm at my back to prevent the spirit of the man from possessing me.

On the fourteenth day of the lunar calendar I gave offerings to the spirits of the two women and after that they no longer appeared. But wherever I went and whatever I was doing I always saw the spirit of the man. I visited many shamans and sorcerers and did everything they told me, as well as obtaining all kind of magic charms to no avail. I even met a nun, who after hearing about my story told me to write my name down so that she could recite prayers on my behalf.

Realizing my fears and restlessness, my family took turns sleeping in my room to comfort me, starting with my little sister. That night at 2:00 am sharp I woke up with a start and saw the man's spirit standing by my feet. I called the Buddha's name, but the man still stood there. Finally I got so tired I fell asleep.

In the morning, before I could ask my little sister if she had slept well, she told me that she saw a man standing by the foot of the bed on my side; and she refused to spend another night in my room. Then my two sisters-in-law, one by one, came to sleep on my bed, and they both gave up the next day after seeing the man. I had to go downstairs to sleep and share the room with my mother, but I saw him there also.

My younger brother gave me a mantra to recite but it proved to be useless. I moved to sleep in the area of the Buddha’s altar, hoping that would prevent the man from appearing. Opposite the worship room is a house that has a big Kwan Yin statue in front of it. I felt reassured by looking at the Kwan Yin statue and the altar. Then when I was burning incense and joining my hands to pray in front of the Buddha’s altar I saw the man flying past me very quickly and out through the window. I freaked out. My arms and legs were shaking and I dropped the incense stick I was holding in my hands.

After this incident, my mother and I went back to the fortune teller. She advised my mother to burn incense for the man and beg him not to disturb me any more. At home, my mom burned incense and prayed as she was told. As soon as she finished her request, the window where I had seen the man fly out suddenly banged shut, startling both of us. I asked my mother what she had said; she told me she was just asking the spirit not to harass me.

Most recently I visited a monk. He gave me a Yantra and a package of something which he had prayed upon and instructed me to go home and burn the package. After I did that I felt reassured and more at peace. The man no longer appeared but I still felt his presence around me.

And finally, from the workings of fate I had the good opportunity to be initiated and to receive the sacred seal that allows me to study Secret Buddhism. By this time I acknowledged that the man in question is one of my two spiritual guardians. When I was writing this story, I heard my spiritual guardian telling me: “I was the man that always appeared to you to test your heart and mind. Luckily you have a good heart and do not go too far in the wrong way; otherwise you would be harassed until you realized your need to cultivate yourself spiritually. Without commitment to spiritual cultivation your life would be very hard.”

Gratefully yours,

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